Issue 00: Belaying
Knots are necessary yet frustrating, structured yet perplexing. Knots can be puzzles—physical riddles to be untangled. Knots can be created from a single strand, or many. Knots can be unsolvable (Gordian) or everyday (shoelaces). Knots can also be garlic flavored.

What is Knot?
Knot is a quick platform for discourse and dialogue. It aims to provide students a voice to academically engage the numerous events that take place within the college and beyond. Knot’s mission is to collect students’ contributions, record them, and present them through various media to the widest audience possible in order to facilitate school-wide conversations.

For each bi-weekly issue, the editors will post a call for submissions, soliciting thoughts on current issues both at Taubman and in the discipline of architecture in general. In print, Knot is a phyiscal artifact. Digitally, Knot’s website and Instagram account are an archive of all submissions, printed or not. Submissions can be frayed, tight, and frustrating, or they can be straight out of the Boy Scout’s Handbook.

Why Knot?
At Taubman College, many distinct architectural agendas overlap, intertwine, and knot. The ideological frictions produced here—between revolutionaries and traditionalists, between architects and planners, between pastel-colored gradients and black-and-white line drawings—are passionate and productive. Our training as design students demands that we be critical of our surroundings and education, and the space of that criticism extends beyond the confines of the studio walls. Debates sparked in the Mash basement, grievances uncovered around late-night bonfires, and discoveries shared at the Duderstadt Center are all acts of criticism with embodied potential. Knot is here to capitalize on that potential by bringing these disparate conversations together into a public forum.

Your Knot
A discursive knot might be the result of too many complex movements, or it might be tied in a pretty little bow. It might get tighter when pulled, or it might loosen and unravel. Knots exist in countless forms; each is a product of outside forces, but follows an internal logic and self-defined purpose. We look forward to contributions that do the same.
The Editors,
Ali AlYousefi, Scott Deisher, and Laura Devine