Connecting the Dots


Special Issue: Connecting the Dots

Knot is teaming up with the Planning and Architecture Research Group (P+ARG) to publish a collection of reflections on the “Networks of Power and Knowledge” conference. The research that preceded the conference will be presented and discussed throughout the weekend, but what happens to the knowledge and insights that result once the conference is over? Our partnership aims to provide a platform to capture those insights and disseminate them to a wider audience. We believe that sharing your thoughts and experiences will be a valuable addition to the knowledge production of the conference for both conference participants and the broader academic community. We ask you to reflect on what you said and heard at the conference, and formulate a response to the call for submissions on the back of this page. Knot will then compile your responses into a special issue entitled Networks of Power.

Knots are necessary yet frustrating, structured yet perplexing. Knots can be puzzles—physical riddles to be untangled. Knots can be created from a single strand, or many. Knots can be unsolvable (Gordian) or everyday (shoelaces). Knots can also be garlic flavored. Knot is a bi-weekly student publication that provides a platform for discourse and dialogue. The publication aims to daylight the voices of students and academics engaging disciplinary topics and events in and around Taubman College. Knot’s mission is to collect contributions, record them, and present them through various media to the widest audience possible.
The design and distribution of Knot strives to capitalize on disparate conversations from the controversial and groundbreaking to the mundane and impulsive. Our tone is both casual and academic, thoughtful yet accessible, and all available in digestible 300-word packages. The advantage of this format is that the conversation doesn’t fade out before another chance to be heard is right around the corner. Although Knot is primarily a physical artifact, our website and Instagram account are an archive of all past submissions, printed or not.

Your Knot
A discursive knot might be the result of too many complex movements, or it might be tied in a pretty little bow. It might get tighter when pulled, or it might loosen and unravel. Knots exist in countless forms; each is a product of outside forces, but follows an internal logic and self-defined purpose. We look forward to contributions that do the same.